Juris Doctor Opportunities at DePaul University

Anna Richo, a graduate of Cornell University and the DePaul University College of Law, has nearly 30 years’ experience as an attorney. Anna Richo currently serves as an executive vice president and general counsel at UCB in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on intellectual property law and corporate compliance.

The DePaul University College of Law offers students a number of unique juris doctor programs. Restorative justice is just one of the many areas of law individuals can focus on. As alternative dispute-resolution practices gain popularity throughout the United States, many legal professionals are looking into the field of restorative justice. While students will learn about the practice in depth, the process could be summarized as creating a safe environment in which ideas can be exchanged, conflicts addressed, and forgiveness achieved.

Asylum and immigration law is another doctoral area of study at DePaul University College of Law. The school’s Asylum & Immigration Law Clinic provides hundreds of immigrants with legal support every year, which gives law students the perfect setting in which to learn. Students can also choose to focus on business law and taxation, child and family law, intellectual property law, and much more.

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