Month: August 2016

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Tort Law

A proficient attorney with nearly three decades of experience, Anna Richo is a graduate of Cornell University and DePaul University where she obtained a Juris Doctor. In addition to her current work as the executive vice president and general counsel at UCB, an international biopharmaceutical firm in Belgium, Anna Richo has experience in law and executive management at Baxter International and Amgen. In her current work, Ms. Richo manages all legal matters, and has resolved approximately 4,600 cases of tort product liability litigation.

Tort law is generally defined as the sector of law that encompasses all civil lawsuits except for contractual disagreements, and holds the goal of addressing wrong done to an individual. Injuries are generally addressed through monetary compensation, otherwise known as damages. This area of law includes the three tort law categories of strict liability, negligent torts, and intentional torts.

– Strict liability law deals with an act rather than a person that actually commits harm, such as the production of a defective product.

– Negligent tort law deals with harm that stems from a person’s failure to exercise a reasonable standard of care, such as an accident.

– Intentional tort law deals with purposeful misconduct such as assault.